Experiencing the Art World
9,920 Kilometers Away

We believe there is an intrinsic link between creation and creator; what grants life salvation? The process of making art, in some ways, is a digestion of the artist’s life. Whether visible or otherwise, it is to search for the self, and to bathe the self in light.

The world is changed through a variety of efforts, and so too, is art. Where art was traditionally confined to the surface, the wall, the gallery, the museum, and concerned with representing the real, art in the modern age has broken free of those restraints, allowing artists more space to experiment and express their selves. In a world inundated with new information, new forms, new materials, new mediums, how do we find our focus, the root of how we connect ourselves to the world? How do we filter out the noise and arrive at our core? To be unable to filter is to be adrift, free-flowing in the complexities that flood our humanity. How then, do we find peace in being? The answer lies in art. The artist takes hands to life’s bitterness and beauty, transforming its material into visibility and allowing us to take part in their interpretation of life itself.

Located in the Châteaux de la Loire in Southern Paris, our exhibition partner Galerie Capazza, was once a castle in disrepair. Today, 46 years from the Capazza couple’s first efforts at repairs, it is one of France’s most renowned centers of contemporary art. Throughout its history, which art critics claim to be a grand beginning for French contemporary art, Galerie Capazza has become a gathering place for appreciators of the arts, from notable figures in the art world to famed collectors. The gallery’s president Laura, succeeding her father’s ambition, places art in the service of people. The art that Galerie Capazza chooses to display, vetted through the artist’s character and taste, is a simple and sincere promise of long-term collaboration.

The 14 artists and over 46 pieces of artwork featured as part of our exhibition belong to Galerie Capazza’s renowned permanent collection, and through each artist’s continued and singular passion for their chosen tool and craft, immerse us in a moving world. These artists are weaving a visible philosophy, an exploration of their connection with life, and their resilience is proof that within the ever-changing waves of the world, there yet exists those who, with their most earnest creations, convey the simplicities of life.

Loretta Hui-shan Yang

Founder and Pioneer of Contemporary Chinese LIULI art
Former Honorary Professor at the Glass Art Studio at Tsinghua University
Honorary Professor at Notojima Glass Art Museum in Ishikawa Prefecture
Honorary Professor at Centre International du Verre et Arts Plastiques (CIRVA) in Marseille, France
Guest Instructor at The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass
Founder of LIULI CHINA MUSEUM Shanghai
Noted performing artist in Taiwanese cinema
Two-time recipient of the Best Actress Award at the Golden Horse Awards
Best Actress Award recipient at the Asia Pacific Film Festival

An acclaimed actor in the 70s and lauded by both the Golden Horse Awards and Asia Pacific Film Festival, Yang extended her talent for the arts into contemporary glass in 1987. Her work is considered the apogee of Asian cast glass and can be found in eminent museums around the world including the V&A in London and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Galerie Capazza

A thriving exhibition center, Galerie Capazza is the lifelong project of its founders, who have painstakingly dedicated the past 46 years to the restoration of this 17th century historical monument. Located in the mysterious Sologne natural region of the Loire Valley, Galerie Capazza is attached to Le Château de Nançay. A mere 90 minutes away from bustling Paris, the Loire Valley is known for both its wine and its collection of stunning castles which housed the likes of royalty, as well as Leonardo da Vinci.

In a unique environment of 2000 square meters, the works of more than 80 internationally renowned artists can be discovered. Spanning painting, sculpture, glass, ceramics, photography, printmaking, and jewellery, Galerie Capazza embodies the most comprehensive documentation of contemporary visual arts. Having taken particular care to represent each artist’s individual personality and quirks, the space reflects a contemporary artistic flair while integrating its historical renaissance roots.

Today, it is both a prominent exhibition centre and cultural centre for contemporary art within France and Europe, attracting many collectors such as the designer, Pierre Cardi, and the photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Art critics anticipate this 46th year of Galerie Capazza to be an epoch for contemporary French art!